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Whenever you are visiting Florida and want to travel to different cities, Florida Shuttle Services is there for you. When you rideshare with us you remove yourself from the burdens of everyday travel. With us, you won’t have to worry too much. Let us handle it. You won’t need to find a place to park and you won’t have to worry about knowing your way around the city. You don’t even have to worry about printing out your ticket (If you forget).



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For over a decade, we have been servicing Floridians and tourists just like you to get to their destination on time in a cost effective, comfortable manner. When it comes to other shuttle transportation services, we set the standard bar none through quality and assurance. Because of this, our customers love us.

We take pride in our work. Our customer’s satisfaction is and always will be our NUMBER ONE priority. This is why we have a reputation for being the best Florida shuttle service. Whether you need a bus from Miami to Orlando, a private airport shuttle to Tampa or a pickup from your house to reach these destinations.. and every city in between, Florida Shuttle Services has you covered!

Every day our fleet of shuttles and drivers proudly make their way around this beautiful sunshine state picking up wonderful people like you.

Some of our most popular shared and private shuttles include:

We have hub locations in 25 major cities across the entire state of Fl. When you book with us, you book with confidence. It is our mission to get you from point A to point B on time with minimal headache. We know traveling can be a bare. Let us take the burden off of your shoulders. At Florida Shuttle Services, we are happy to bring you to your destination safe and efficiently. Contact Us for the latest deals and travel information.


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Since 2006, we’ve been developing a state of the art booking system. This is a big reason why we are the best Florida shuttle service. We have seen every problem that might result from an individual booking an airport shuttle to anywhere in Florida. Because of this, the system we have developed sets the standard in Florida for booking private and shared shuttle transportation services. When we started, we had a few drivers who serviced Orlando and a couple of other neighboring cities. Since that time, we have expanded to over 25 major cities throughout the state of Florida!


Popular trips include:


Airport Shuttle TampaAirport Shuttle Miami
Airport Shuttle OrlandoAirport Shuttle Fort Lauderdale
Bus from Miami to OrlandoBus from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale
Bus from Orlando to TampaBus from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale
Bus from Miami to Fort LauderdaleBus from Tampa to Orlando

Shuttle services for as low as $55 all across Florida!


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Meet the fleet.

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Our drivers receive rigorous background checks. Strict stipulations are adhered to in their hiring processes. Almost all of our drivers are trained in auto mechanics. This means they have the ability to immediately asses any situation that may result during the course of a rideshare road trip. We also have on-call drivers all across the state of Florida who are ready to pick you up. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. We’ve got you covered. Whether you are arriving at an airport like MCO or Miami International, we will be there for you. Book with confidence when you book with us. Come see what makes us the best Florida shuttle service.

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Alternatively, you can call our number at: +1 (407) 209-6176