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Miami to Orlando bus for Shared rides starting at $55 per ticket.*

Departure times and station information

(Our drivers speak Spanish too: Se hable Espanol para excursiones por Miami a Orlando y que mas en bus o auto)

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Many people need a Miami to Orlando bus or a shuttle from the Miami International Airport and want to go to Disney World and Epcot Studios before they get to South Beach. Some of our customers are coming from the Orlando airport and going to a hotel, but also need to get to their cruise terminal the next day. We are here for all of you.

Florida Shuttle Services is here for you. You don’t have to worry about questions like; if I call a taxi, will it even get here on time? How do I get a shuttle from the Miami airport to my hotel? Which transportation company should I call? Look no further. Our Miami to Orlando bus & private shuttle transportation is the best in the business. Book through Florida Shuttle Services today.

Miami is a BIG PLACE in Southwest FL. Transportation here is complicated. Our Miami to Orlando bus knows its way around the state so let us help you.

Exactly two districts represent the Florida Department of Transportation in Miami. Three MPOs (Metropolitan Planning Organizations) make up the routes that map out the system. SW Florida has transit bus systems that travel across counties, small trolley networks for smaller size cities and about two railways for trains. Our Miami shuttle buses cover the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach like they do. Our bus from Miami to Orlando and our private shuttle are fast too. Normally, private transportation in FL takes upwards of 8 hours to get from Miami to Orlando.

Our bus from Miami to Orlando relieves you from the burdens of traveling around new places.

Whether you need a nice and quiet, private luxurious ride with plush seats and the greatest features, or just need a shared shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando, we will pick you up from your hotel upon request. Delays, though infrequent, do happen. Since we want to ensure they don’t happen, we take these extra precautions and give you advance notice.

This is why we ask that you please book 48 hours in advance prior to departure time so we have enough communication if something changes on your end or ours. If by chance you forget to print out your confirmation code, it’s OK. We know traveling can be hectic. Let our professional team assist you in your troubles.


This is What Our Miami to Orlando Bus Can Offer You:

Need a shuttle in Florida? Try our Miami to Orlando bus & private shuttles which go all over FL.

Our shared shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando is the most economical way to get around Florida especially if you need a shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando or vice versa. We service all major cities in Florida including Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Gainesville, and more, so destination locations are not a problem.

This trip covers much of the state. We also have deals every month on this trip so check your email if you subscribe to us. Prices start at 55 dollars per ticket. If you have 5 people we recommend you pick our private option not just because it’s a better ride, but because you usually end up saving money.



Our Private Luxury Transportation Option is a Must Try

inside look at orlando private transportationorlando private shuttle style Mercedes Benz van

Ride in style when you chose our private service option. We have branches in every major city of FL so don’t worry about not getting the shuttle service you need.

Since our vehicles are top of the line we have private import Mercedez Benz SUVs with hardwood flooring. Our rooftops are also suede.

Since our vehicles are top of the line we have private import Mercedez Benz SUVs with hardwood flooring. Our rooftops are also suede for a quiet ride.

The ride is quiet. Everything you could ever want from a private-style transportation company is here. Our plush seating and quiet ride will satisfy our customers who want a nice comfortable ride. We have options to sit entire parties with cargo space for their luggage.

The car picking you up is dependent upon the number of people in your party. We offer new Mercedes and other new luxury vehicles. This option is good for those who like to travel in comfort and style.

Please Note: If you are not taking the bus from Miami to Orlando and are traveling in a private group then this is important to read. If you need a private shuttle ride, please let us know 48 hours in advance. We have strict scheduling on our routes which is why we ask you to notify us ahead of time about this request.


About our Shared Shuttle Bus from Miami to Orlando


Miami Stations:
– Regency Airport hotel: 1000 NW Le Jeune Rd. Miami, FL 33126 DIRECTIONS.
– Holiday Inn at Miami Downtown: 340 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 DIRECTIONS.


Orlando Stations:
Holiday Inn- Orlando Airport Hotel: 5750 T.G. Lee Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822  DIRECTIONS.
McDonald’s- Orlando International Drive: 9901 Hawaiian Ct. Orlando, FL 32819  DIRECTIONS.


Departure & Arrival times (Daily Shared Shuttle):

Departure Time Miami, Fl Arrival Time Orlando, FL
 6:30 am  1:00 pm
 7:30 am  12:30 pm
 12:30 pm  5:00 pm

More About Our Shared and Private Bus from Miami to Orlando

This trip is about 4.5 hours, so bring a snack with you if you think you will be hungry. If you didn’t bring anything, that is OK too. If you choose our shared shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando, we will make stops along the way to pick up more people so we can ensure our customer’s happiness who are looking to save money.


As per our private service, stops are made upon request. We do our best to ensure your satisfaction when you travel with us. As a shuttle customer, we keep you as our number one priority.


We know what keeps our customers happy. This is why we’ve been in business for so long and have as much credibility as we do. Let us serve your traveling needs and remove the travel burdens of going through Miami to Orlando so you don’t have to. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for monthly Miami to Orlando bus deals. “Like” us on Facebook. When you show your support for us in these ways, we are better capable of reaching more people and businesses, so our prices become cheaper over time.


Your continued support is what allows our business to thrive. That is why we can offer our customers such great rates and travel services. *Shuttle deals are subject to expiration every month depending on availability.

If you would like more information about our Miami to Orlando bus branch, please visit our About Us page so we can provide you with the information you need. Alternatively, if you have any questions about this shuttle trip, you can Contact Us.

We are Much More Than a Bus From Miami to Orlando so Allow us to Explain

Though many of our customers choose the shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando, we do stops in 23 other major cities. These cities include cities across the East and West coast of Florida. We have stations in all the major cities including Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Palm Beach, and more.

Our Popular Florida East Coast transportation shuttles so you can see before you purchase a ticket

    • Miami to Ft. Lauderdale: Take a shuttle from Miami to the Fort Lauderdale Airport,  Downtown to the Museum of Discovery & Science, or even the Port of Everglades.


    • Miami to West Palm Beach: Book our shuttle service from Miami to the West Palm Beach Airport, the museum or anywhere in between.


    • Miami to Port St. Lucie: We have drivers traveling from Miami to Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Planning a trip to their Botanical gardens, or Walton Rock? Don’t hesitate to book with Florida Shuttle Services.


    • Miami to Vero Beach: We offer both shared and private shuttles to almost any destination Vero Beach has to offer. Check out their incredible boat tours, and wildlife tours, or see some of the local talents at the Riverside Theater.


    • Miami to Melbourne: If you need a shuttle to the Melbourne airport ride in comfort with Florida Shuttle Services so you can relieve yourself of the burdens of travel. Visit the Grissom Memorial wetlands or the Brevard Zoo. If you want to check out a baseball game plan a visit to the Space Coast Stadium! For your trip Florida Shuttle Services can take you anywhere you want to go.


    • Miami to Port Canaveral: Planning a family getaway? Port Canaveral offers some incredible experiences for the whole family. Whether you’re planning on visiting some of the theme parks or the Kennedy Space Center, Florida Shuttle Services can your fulfill your getaway needs.


Our Popular Florida West Coast transportation shuttles

    • Miami to Naples: Need a private shuttle? We offer private shuttles to Naples and Marco Island every day. Whether you’re visiting family or one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, we know everything Naples has to offer so don’t be afraid to connect with us and ask us anything. Family friendly Zoos, parks, and local attractions, or maybe you’re looking for a night out at the Mercato! We know all the hot spots in Naples.


    • Miami to Fort Myers: Schedule your shuttle to Fort Myers today. We can take you to the RSW Airport, visit Florida Gulf Coast University, or maybe stop by Thomas Edison’s old home for some local history! We, therefore, have drivers available every day.



    • Miami to Bradenton: Bradenton is right around the corner from Sarasota. It’s no problem if you need us to go the extra mile. Many of our clients traveling there are nature enthusiasts so they love visiting the Bishop planetarium! Bradenton also has a beautiful manatee preserve at the Robinson Nature Preserve.


    • Miami to Tampa: Yet another family hot spot! Pick one of these shuttles if you are visiting Busch Gardens or need a trip to the seaports; including the Port of Everglades. Our Tampa shuttle from Miami has an incredible trip destination.


Since our Miami to Orlando bus travels all over Florida, the scope of our business is much more than a shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando. We aim to serve you, the customer.


If you need a private or shared shuttle bus from Miami to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, or Gainesville then we’ve got you covered, so don’t worry about your travel troubles! Wherever you need to go in Florida, FSS is here for you.